Schools Alive is a Blackpool Music Service annual event held at the Winter Gardens featuring performances from ensembles and schools celebrating live music-making.

It is a chance for the young people of Blackpool to showcase their talents in music, drama and dance on a major stage. Such performances improve their personal confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, support for each other and enjoyment of life.

Every school performance is prepared by creative, inspired school teachers, supportive parents and theatre-based support staff, but it is the young people of Blackpool who then provide us with fantastic entertainment, and Aspire’s talented students were no different last night as they delivered a number of songs from High School Musical. Congratulations to Miss Mackay and Miss Spencer for organising and the following students who took part:

Ray, Miya, Jaidan, Lacie, Rebecca, Lacey, JJ, Eleanor Anabel, Dania, Jaymee, Kacie, Lilly, Ellie, Tyler, Rhiannon, Jacob, Olivia, Erin, Olivia, Ruby, Amera, Olivia, Ben, Crystal, Jasmine, Jayden, Tobias, Malachi, Gabi, Faith, Lilly, Lexi, Tamzin, Rupert, Jasmine, Scarlett, Kianna and Leah.

A very happy Miss Mackay beamed, “Our students completely smashed it at Schools Alive last night with their High School Musical Performance. Their behaviour was excellent and I just couldn’t be prouder.”<