At tv, we believe that learning beyond the classroom is a vital ingredient to providing a successful educational experience that engages students of all ages. Curriculum Enrichment is a core focus as it engages students in their learning and taking students out of their immediate environment, helps raise aspirations and broaden horizons.

The activities on offer will develop independent thinking and encourage students to take responsibility for their learning by choosing their activities. Beyond the norm out of school activities include Conservation and Ecology projects with BASC, the Woodland and the Wildlife Trusts, Hill walking and DofE expeditions, Educational and Cultural Visits from Science and History departments to support GCSE coursework. Each activity is intended to promote British Values, team work, citizenship and foster good community relations. Please see the various tabs to find out more about the school offers.

As an inclusive school we ensure no child is left out and support any child who wants to participate in any activity.

Entitlement Curriculum Newsletters

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